Possible Solutions to Global Warming

Global warming has become a real threat to man, especially with continued globalization and industrialization. Global warming is mainly caused by the accumulation of carbon emissions in the atmosphere particularly Carbon Dioxide. When carbon (IV) Oxide is produced in large amounts, it forms a layer in the atmosphere that prevents excess heat from escaping into the atmosphere thus causing a greenhouse effect that leads to global warming. Here are some possible solutions to global warming:


  1. Stop deforestation


Cutting down of trees has huge negative effects on the environment. Besides destroying habitats and ecological niches, deforestation facilitates the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plants (trees) make their own food using simple raw materials i.e. carbon dioxide in presence of sunlight and chlorophyll to form glucose and oxygen as the end product in a process known as photosynthesis. Hence, photosynthesis is one of the processes that reduce accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When trees are cut down, less carbon dioxide is used up in photosynthesis.


We should, therefore, encourage afforestation and reforestation programs to grow more trees. Afforestation refers to the growth of trees where none existed while reforestation refers to the growth of trees where they have been previously cut down. In addition, relevant authorities should come up with laws that not only protect trees but also limit cutting down on trees. Those who do it should be licensed to avoid illegal cutting down of trees and thus deforestation.


  1. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions


This starts from an individual level to a collective level. Reducing the emissions will consequently reduce the amount of carbon (IV) Oxide in the atmosphere. Use of public transport is highly recommended instead of using private cars because it reduces the emission of Carbon (IV) Oxide and Carbon (II) Oxide which later oxidize to carbon dioxide.


Carbon dioxide emission can also be reduced by controlling the number of industries and factories running in an area. This is only possible if the government is involved because only industries that follow stipulated laws should be allowed to run. The type of fuel the industry uses, the products they are making and whether they are following laid rules are some of the factors to determine. In our homes, we should use renewable sources of energy from water or solar energy to ensure that we reduce the emission of carbon dioxide when cooking or using other appliances in our homes. Avoid harmful products to make hair grow faster


  1. Educate the public


Knowledge is power and in this case, educating the people about global warming, its effects on the people and environment and how to curb it is very important. When people understand what they are supposed to do and what not to do, they will be in a better position to solve the problem. A lot of people are very ignorant while others are misinformed about global warming. The government and institutions of learning should be willing to educate all the people to create awareness. This can be done through curriculums in schools, advertisements, workshops and campaigns as well as through ads and social media. It is easy to work with people who understand the problem because they are knowledgeable and committed to finding a solution.


There have been numerous campaigns about global warming all over the world with non-governmental organizations being on the forefront to find a solution. There has been a good progress so far but the problem is far from being solved. Everyone should play his or her part because we are all involved in one way or another.